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Raised in my family’s businesses, I have been involved in customer service my whole life. I truly understand what it means to give your word and deliver a top quality product... all with the best customer service possible!!!

I love to work with smaller businesses and will work with your budget. I promise a quick, timely turnaround on your voice project and a hassle-free experience.

Joe Wiese
(774) 991-0031


  • Professional Home Recording Studio
  • PC/Adobe Audition CC
  • Focusrite: Scarlett 2i2 Digital/Audio Interface
  • MXL Mic
  • Skype/Google Voice

Dialects include:

  • True American Grit
  • New England
  • East Coast
  • Boston
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Rhode Island
  • Maine

Commercial Styles

  • Natural Reads
  • Guy Next Door
  • Company Spokesperson
  • Conversational
  • Sportscaster/Horse-Race Announcer
  • Intellectual
  • Warm/Friendly
  • Announcer
  • Radio Station Intro’s
  • Cool Deliveries
  • Testimonials
  • Professional
  • Character Voices
  • Hard Sells
  • Fast Paced/High Energy
  • Casual/Soft Reads

Comedic Commercials/Skits

  • Writing, Directing, Producing, Editing,
    and Acting Services
  • Fully Developed Comedic Characters with Multiple Running Skits!

Other Categories

  • Video Games
  • Internet
  • Radio
  • Documentaries
  • Business
  • Educational
  • Telephony
  • Podcast Intro's and Outro’s
  • Corporate Explainers/How To's


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